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Intermittent and Noise on Wireless Microphone/IEM System

If you are encountering an intermittent issue on your wireless devices (assuming you have a perfect 13A supply):

1. Please check if you have followed the steps mentioned in Proper Method of Setting Up Wireless Microphone/IEM System.

2. Ensure your receivers are not located close to coiled active power cords, transformers, LED and LCD display walls.

3. Ensure your compressor's “attack”, “release”, and “threshold ratio” are set appropriately.

4. Ensure you mixing board preamps are noise-free.

5. Switch off mobile devices nearby the control as some mobile devices have strong, non-FCC regulated output signals that can cause interferences (it is the same concept when you board an airplane where you are required to switch off your mobile devices before the airplane is taking off and landing!).

These should solve the issue.

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