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Number of Conductors: 2

Conductor Material: Pure Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC), GECKO® Proprietary Material

Winding: GECKO® Balanced-Phase Noise Cancellation Winding Technique™

Size: 24AWG (20 Strands 32AWG)

Insulation Material: Polyethylene (PE)

Insulation Diameter (∅): 2.0mm

Helical Shield (per Conductor):

Material: Bare Copper (100%)

Size: 24AWG (48 Strands 32AWG)

Skin Effect, Static, Microphonics Protections:

Material: Conductive Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Coating Thickness: 0.2mm

RFI/EMI Protections:

Material: Helical Copper Shield

Capacitive "RC" Protections:

Material: Polyethylene (PE)

Stretch/Twist Protections:

Material: Cotton Yarn


Outer Jacket:

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) - Flame retardant and sunlight resistant matte 60°C

Diameter (∅): 6.5mm

Physical Properties:

Color: Black (Conductive PVC, PVC Jacket), Orange/Purple (PE Insulators)

Cable Length: 100m

Net Weight: 5.50Kg

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system.


GECKO® OLYMPIAN Series Audiophile Interconnects

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Designed for precision, the GECKO® TRUTH T3AL audiophile signal cable is produced using unique combination of specially selected materials for optimized full spectrum audio signal transmission while taking into account of their resistivity, temperature coefficients, effects to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), electrostatic, skin effect, and ground noise. Coupled with GECKO® Balanced-Phase Noise Cancellation Winding Technique™, the TRUTH T3AL is set to provide you with the best of audiophile performance, practicality, and reliability at a truly great value.

"Transparently accurate and naturally warm - these are the characters of GECKO® cables. Versatile, long-lasting, affordable - these are the values of GECKO® cables."

Summary of features:

* designed for home, studio, instrument, and live audiophile applications;

* low impedance for long distance connection;

* high EMI and RFI resistance;

* wide and smooth frequency response range.

Comes in roll of 100m, the GECKO® TRUTH T3AL can also be terminated with any type of OLYMPIAN series audiophile interconnects of your choice at any desired cable length. Standard termination lengths are 0.5m, 1.5m, 3.0m, 7.5m, 10m.


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