Audiophile Gears of Professionals







Stage Box: XLR Female (24)

Fan Tail: XLR Male (24)


Stage Box: XLR Male (4)

Fan Tail: XLR Female (4)


Number of Conductors per Channel: 2

Conductor Material: Pure Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC), Tinned

Winding: GECKO® Balanced-Phase Noise Cancellation Winding Technique™

Size: 24AWG (7 Strands 32AWG)

Insulation Material: Polyethylene (PE)

Insulation Diameter (∅): 1.4mm

Helical Shield (per Channel):

Material: Bare Copper (100%)

Size: 24AWG (48 Strands 32AWG)

Pair Conductors Insulation:

Material: Teflon®

Insulation Diameter (∅): 3.6mm

Grounding Protection:

Tracer Filament

RFI/EMI Protection:

Textile Aluminium Shield


Outer Jacket:

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) - Flame retardant and sunlight resistant matte 60°C

Physical Properties:

Stage Box Enclosure: Steel, Aluminium

Color: Metallic Grey (Stage Box), Black (PVC Jacket), Color/Text Coded Individual


Cable Length: 40m

Net Weight: 30.00Kg

Stage Box Dimension: (H) 55mm x (W) 128mm x (D) 330mm (Includes Handle)

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system.

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The GECKO® SEEKER SSC 2840 audiophile grade snake cable is produced using unique combination of specially selected materials for optimized full spectrum audio signal transmission while taking into account of their resistivity, temperature coefficients, effects to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), electrostatic, skin effect, and ground noise. Coupled with GECKO® Balanced-Phase Noise Cancellation Winding Technique™, the SEEKER SSC 2840 is set to provide you with the best of audiophile performance, practicality, and reliability at a truly great value. The GECKO® SEEKER SSC 2840 is the choice of professional musicians and sound engineers looking for true audiophile connectivities!

Summary of features:

* 24 input channels, 4 XLR returns on stage box and fan tail;

* low impedance for long distance connection (over 40m!);

* high EMI and RFI resistance;

* wide and smooth frequency response range;

* fitted with OLYMPIAN Series audiophile connectors;

* well-labeled tough steel/aluminium stage box with forged steel handle;

* well-labeled, color-coded fantail.


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