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The GECKO® PASSION MP 621W UHF handheld transmitter features two selectable RF output levels. Users are able to choose from 8.5mW output, which is suitable for shorter distance operation or 30mW output for long distance transmission. Like the PASSION RP 211U UHF receiver the handheld transmitter also features 32 selectable UHF frequencies, an LCD display with frequency and battery life indicator, a STANDBY function and it operates up to an average of 16 hours on two AA size alkaline batteries. Designed for houses-of-worship, corporate AV, concerts, and other professional applications.

Complete System Summary:

32 selectable UHF frequency channels. Extremely linear and crystal-clear vocal transmission with Tone Lock™ technology. 120m range of interference-free signal coverage with Phase-Locked Loop (PLL)™ synthesized technology. Powered by 2 x AA alkaline batteries with 16 hours of average battery life. Wide frequency response of 30Hz ~ 20kHz (MP 621W handheld transmitter). Comes with two (2) PASSION MP 621W handheld transmitters, one (1) PASSION RP 211U receiver, two (2) UHF antennas, one (1) PASSION microphone case, one (1) universal power adapter, four (4) 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, and two (2) colored rings.



GECKO® PASSION MP 621W Transmitter

Element: Dynamic

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Frequency Response: 30Hz ~ 20kHz

Frequency Range: 500 ~ 980MHz

Preset Channels: 32

Oscillation: Phase-Locked Loop (PLL)™ Synthesized

Stability: ± 0.005% (0°C ~ 50°C)

RF Outputs: 30mW (High), 8.5mW (Low)

Display: LCD

Power Switch: Noiseless ON / STANDBY / OFF

Power Requirements:  2 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries (≥ 1500mAH)

Case Material: High-Impact ABS

Color: Metallic Grey

Weight: 200g (without Batteries), 250g (with Batteries)

Dimension: (L) 280mm x (∅) 45mm

GECKO® PASSION RP 211U Receiver:

Frequency Range: UHF-L: 500 ~ 600MHz, UHF-M: 600 ~ 700MHz,

UHF-H: 800 ~ 900MHz

Preset Channels: 2 x 32

Step Down / Step Up Frequency: 0.05MHz

Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz

Output Connectors: Balanced A / B: XLR Male (2), ¼” TRS Mixed A&B (1)

Display: LCD

Power Switch: Digital ON / OFF

Power Requirements:  12V DC, 600mA

Case Material: Steel

Color: Metallic Grey

Weight: 1.60Kg

Dimension: Body: (H) 44mm x (W) 350mm x (D) 158mm; Antenna: (L) 255mm


Included Accessories:

UHF Antennas (2), Universal Power Adapter, Colored Ring (2), 1.5V AA Batteries

(4), GECKO® PASSION Microphone Case

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system.


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