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The GECKO® GALILEE PSC 8220 power sequencer provides precise power sequencing up to eight rear universal AC outlets. Each output is sequence-delayed by a fixed timing of 1 second. This allows you to control the power up and down sequence of your system precisely; to minimize turn-on transients and the possible damage to your high-value equipments.

The GECKO® GALILEE PSC 8220 power sequencer is a full-featured power conditioner with advanced power filtering, fast acting breaker, EMI and RFI filtering, as well as surge and spike protection.

It is specifically designed to sequence and protect a wide range of equipment; from ultra sensitive tube preamps to robust-powered speakers, from compact digital system needs to the range of multiple large displays requirement. Your equipments are guaranteed to perform better, sound richer and last longer.



Maximum Input Current:


Maximum Output for Each Line:


Input Voltage Range:

230VAC to 250VAC, 50Hz/60Hz (Other voltage requirements are customizable)

AC Connectors:

Universal AC outlets (8) on the rear panel. Compatible with 6A, 10A, 16A (Chinese

Standards), 13A (UK Standards), 15A (US Standards), 15A (G/M Connector,

European Standards)

Delay Interval Between ON and OFF:



Secured 2-Position Key Switch


Spike Protection: Line to Neutral, Neutral to Ground, Line to Ground

Noise Attenuation (EMI/RFI Protection): 20dB at 200kHz, rising to >40dB,

1Hz ~ 100MHz

Surge & Transient Protection: High Voltage Varistor (MOV) Suppressor


Physical Properties:

Enclosure: Steel

Color: Metallic Grey

Net Weight: 3.30Kg

Dimension: (H) 60mm x (W) 483mm x (D) 65mm

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system.

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