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The GECKO® EXODUS ODYSSEY MXR 5204L 52-channel large-format C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile mixing console is world's first and only multi-stage audiophile grade mixing console - a preferred choice for symphony orchestra and for those who seriously seeking purest and highest quality of natural tone reproduction for their live and studio sessions.

The GECKO® EXODUS ODYSSEY MXR 5204L is accurately-built using industry's best components and available technology for best results, reliability (no freezes, no heat-up issue, no internal crackling/buzzing noises, no signal drop outs, etc), ease of operation, and long-term value.  

The GECKO® EXODUS ODYSSEY comes in two version, the 52-channel MXR 5204L and the 36-channel MXR 3604L.

Every GECKO® EXODUS ODYSSEY comes with a 3-year warranty from GECKO®.




GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile PreAmps

Frequency Response:

10Hz ~ 50kHz , +/- 0.5dB


Channels Inputs:

52 Channels

44 Monaural:

MIC XLR Female: Balanced, sensitivity -60dBu ~ +14dBu

LINE ¼” TRS: Balanced, sensitivity -40dBu ~ +14dBu

PAD Out (MIC): 2kΩ

PAD In (MIC or LINE): >10kΩ, -20dB attenuation)    

Max. Input Level: +40dBu

XLR Phantom Power: +48VDC, ON/OFF  

4 Stereo:

8 LINE ¼” TRS: Balanced/Unbalanced, sensitivity -16dBu ~ +20dBu

4 MIC XLR Female: Balanced, sensitivity -60dBu ~ +14dBu

Talkback Mic:

XLR Female: Balanced, sensitivity -50dBu ~ -10dBu

Phantom Power: +48VDC, internal jumper

2-Track Inputs:

¼” TRS: Unbalanced, >4kΩ, -2dBu

2-Track Outputs:

¼” TRS: Unbalanced, <80Ω, -2dBu


Channel: ¼” TRS, 0dBu

Output: ¼” TRS, -2dBu

L, R, M Outputs:

XLR Male: Balanced, <80Ω, +4dBu, +32dBu max.

Group (1-4) Outputs:

XLR Male: Balanced, <80Ω, +4dBu, +32dBu max.

Aux (1-6) Outputs:

¼” TRS: Electronically Balanced, <80Ω, +4dBu, +32dBu max.

Direct Outputs (Monaural Channels):

¼” TRS: Electronically Balanced, <80Ω, 0dBu, +32dBu max.

Mic Outputs (Stereo Channels):

¼” TRS: Electronically Balanced, <80Ω, 0dBu, +32dBu max.

Matrix (1-4) Outputs:

¼” TRS: Electronically Balanced, <80Ω, +4dBu, +32dBu max.

External (1-4) Inputs:

¼” TRS: Balanced/Unbalanced, >4kΩ, 0dBu


¼” TRS: 30Ω ~ 600Ω impedance headphones recommended

Monitor Outputs:

¼” TRS: Balanced, <80Ω, -2dBu, +26dBu max.


7 x 4-Pin XLR: 10V / 2W max.


100mm Dust-Protected VCA: Channel; Master (L, R, M); Group Master (1-4)

60mm Dust-Protected VCA: Aux Master (1-6)


Internal Headroom:

Channel: +20dB

Mix: +22dB


LED: 3 color LED, quasi peak response

Channel: 4 segment: -20dB, 0dB, +6dB, +24dB; 6dB before clipping

Master (L, R, M): 12 segment: -30dB ~ +16dB  

Group Master: 12 segment: -30dB ~ +16dB

Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR):

Mic CMRR @ 1kHz: >80dB, typical

Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD + N):

+14dBu, 1kHz: channel to mix out, <0.003%

Crosstalk @ 1kHz:

Fader shutoff: >90dB

Mute shutoff: >90dB

Inter channel: >90dB

Root Mean Square (RMS) Noise, 22Hz ~ 22kHz:

Mic EIN: -128dB

Residual output noise: < -96dBu; -100dB S/N

LR mix noise: < -86dBu; -90dB S/N

Group mix noise: < -86dBu; -90dB S/N

Aux mix noise: < -92dBu; -90dB S/N

Mix noise @ 0dB gain: < -86dB S/N

High Pass Filter (HPF):

Channel HPF: 12dB/octave below 75Hz

Monaural EQ:

HF: Shelving +/-15dB, 12kHz

HM: Peak/dip +/-15dB, 500Hz ~ 16kHz, Q=1.8

LM: Peak/dip +/-15dB, 31Hz ~ 1kHz, Q=1.8

LF: Shelving +/-15dB, 80Hz

Stereo EQ:

HF: Shelving +/-15dB, 12kHz

HM: Peak/dip +/-15dB, 2.5kHz, Q=1.8

LM: Peak/dip +/-15dB, 250Hz, Q=1.8

LF: Shelving +/-15dB, 80Hz

Power Supply:

GECKO® JORDAN PSU 2410 Universal Power Supply (2U external, IEC inputs)

Selectable Voltages:

115V: 110V ~ 120V, 260W max. (47 ~ 63Hz)

230V: 220V ~ 240V, 240W max. (47 ~ 63Hz)

External 10-Pin DC input for optional JORDAN PSU 2410 backup supply

Physical Properties:

Enclosure: Steel

Color: Metallic Grey / Silver

Hardware: Non-Slip Rubber Feet (6)

Net Weight: 43.40Kg

Dimension: (H) 215mm x (W) 1784mm x (D) 630mm

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system.


GECKO® JORDAN PS 2410U Universal Power Supply

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