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The GECKO® EXODUS ODYSSEY MXR 3604L C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile mixing console is the 36-channel version of the highly acclaimed EXODUS ODYSSEY MXR 5204L 52-channel large-format C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile mixing console, designed for professional engineers and audiophiles seeking those “long lost” pure, smooth, warm tones for their music recording, mixing, mastering, and live sound applications in this world very much filled with digital colorations and noises.

Everything about the EXODUS ODYSSEY MXR 3604L has been designed to give you optimum audio fidelity, from the superb sounding C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile PreAmps to the linearly noiseless VCA faders.

Equipped with a comprehensive range of features such as assignable talkback functions, matrixes, individual channel direct out, etc... you can be sure that the EXODUS ODYSSEY MXR 3604L desk is not only a fantastic piece of engineering, it also makes complex mixes easy!

GECKO® EXODUS ODYSSEY C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile mixing consoles are the ultimate analogue mixing consoles for the modern audio world.




GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile PreAmps

Frequency Response:

10Hz ~ 50kHz , +/- 0.5dB


Channels Inputs:

36 Channels

28 Monaural:

MIC XLR Female: Balanced, sensitivity -60dBu ~ +34dBu

LINE ¼” TRS: Balanced, sensitivity -40dBu ~ +34dBu

PAD Out (MIC): 2kΩ

PAD In (MIC or LINE): >10kΩ, -20dB attenuation)    

Max. Input Level: +40dBu

XLR Phantom Power: +48VDC, ON/OFF  

4 Stereo:

8 LINE ¼” TRS: Balanced/Unbalanced, sensitivity -16dBu ~ +20dBu

4 MIC XLR Female: Balanced, sensitivity -60dBu ~ +34dBu

Talkback Mic:

XLR Female: Balanced, sensitivity -50dBu ~ -10dBu

Phantom Power: +48VDC, internal jumper

2-Track Inputs:

¼” TRS: Balanced/Unbalanced, >4kΩ, -2dBu

2-Track Outputs:

¼” TRS: Balanced/Unbalanced, <80Ω, -2dBu


Channel: ¼” TRS, 0dBu

Output: ¼” TRS, -2dBu

L, R, M Outputs:

XLR Male: Balanced, <80Ω, +4dBu, +32dBu max.

Group (1-4) Outputs:

XLR Male: Balanced, <80Ω, +4dBu, +32dBu max.

Aux (1-6) Outputs:

¼” TRS: Electronically Balanced, <80Ω, +4dBu, +32dBu max.

Direct Outputs (Monaural Channels):

¼” TRS: Electronically Balanced, <80Ω, 0dBu, +32dBu max.

Mic Outputs (Stereo Channels):

¼” TRS: Electronically Balanced, <80Ω, 0dBu, +32dBu max.

Matrix (1-4) Outputs:

¼” TRS: Electronically Balanced, <80Ω, +4dBu, +32dBu max.

External (1-4) Inputs:

¼” TRS: Balanced/Unbalanced, >4kΩ, -2dBu


¼” TRS: 30Ω ~ 600Ω impedance headphones recommended

Monitor Outputs:

¼” TRS: Balanced, <80Ω, -2dBu, +26dBu max.


5 x 4-Pin XLR: 10V / 2W max.



100mm Dust-Protected VCA: Channel; Master (L, R, M); Group Master (1-4)

60mm Dust-Protected VCA: Aux Master (1-6)


Internal Headroom:

Channel: +20dB

Mix: +22dB


LED: 3 color LED, quasi peak response

Channel: 4 segment: -12dB, 0dB, +6dB, +16dB; 6dB before clipping

Master (L, R, M): 12 segment: -30dB ~ +16dB  

Group Master: 12 segment: -30dB ~ +16dB

Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR):

Mic CMRR @ 1kHz: >80dB, typical

Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD + N):

+14dBu, 1kHz: channel to mix out, <0.003%

Crosstalk @ 1kHz:

Fader shutoff: >90dB

Mute shutoff: >90dB

Inter channel: >90dB

Root Mean Square (RMS) Noise, 22Hz ~ 22kHz:

Mic EIN: -128dB

Residual output noise: < -96dBu; -100dB S/N

LR mix noise: < -86dBu; -90dB S/N

Group mix noise: < -86dBu; -90dB S/N

Aux mix noise: < -92dBu; -90dB S/N

Mix noise @ 0dB gain: < -86dB S/N

High Pass Filter (HPF):

Channel HPF: 12dB/octave below 75Hz

Monaural EQ:

HF: Shelving +/-15dB, 12kHz

HM: Peak/dip +/-15dB, 500Hz ~ 16kHz, Q=1.8

LM: Peak/dip +/-15dB, 31Hz ~ 1kHz, Q=1.8

LF: Shelving +/-15dB, 80Hz

Stereo EQ:

HF: Shelving +/-15dB, 12kHz

HM: Peak/dip +/-15dB, 2.5kHz, Q=1.8

LM: Peak/dip +/-15dB, 250Hz, Q=1.8

LF: Shelving +/-15dB, 80Hz

Power Supply:

Built-In Universal Power Supply (IEC inputs)

Supported Voltages:

110V ~ 240V, 260W max. (47 ~ 63Hz)

External 5-Pin DC input for optional JORDAN PS 2310U backup supply

Physical Properties:

Enclosure: Steel

Color: Metallic Grey / Silver

Hardware: Non-Slip Rubber Feet (6)

Net Weight: 32.00Kg

Dimension: (H) 215mm x (W) 1304mm x (D) 630mm

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system.


GECKO® JORDAN PS 2310U Universal Power Supply

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