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Real life testimonies submitted by real life GECKO® product users, friends, and associates. If you would like to share your GECKO® related story with the world, kindly contact us.

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"The GECKO® AYERS ROCK C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile direct injection boxes are the best direct injection boxes I have ever owned and used. I assure you that the GECKO® AYERS ROCK C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile direct injection boxes are the best comparing to all the top brands of direct injection boxes in the world. I'm loving them GECKO® AYERS ROCK C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile direct injection boxes, well done to GECKO MUSIC GROUP for producing such awesome products!"

Yusof Othman, Drummer / Live Sound Engineer     SINGAPORE


"We wanted a powerful guitar amp without bursting our budget. Love this neat, portable, light-weighted, easy to carry size, most suitable for our outdoor activities use. The white color appearance was most appealing. Despite its petite size, the GECKO® LEGENDS EGT 10 has however amazing clear output sound, great job amplifying our acoustic and electrical guitars. At high volumes, we did not get any feedbacks or distortions. The congregation right at the end of the hall never had a problem with it. Overall a value-for-money great amp. Very glad we made the choice!"

Joshua Tan (left), Phung Lee Mun (center), and Grace Tee, Worship Director     MALACCA, MALAYSIA


"I have been recording for many years, making the transition from analog to digital. Getting a good clean sound has always been a problem, especially with jazz guitar. The GECKO® AYERS ROCK DI 100P direct injection box resolved this problem and delivers a pure sound. It eliminates all noise and distortion. As a result, the sound is truly pristine. This is the case when performing live and when recording in the studio. Not only is the sound amazing, my confidence levels were boosted ten-fold because of the control it affords. When used in conjunction with GECKO® TRUTH T3AL audiophile signal cables, my recordings are so much cleaner and distortion-free and “sweet”. The GECKO® AYERS ROCK DI 100P not only eliminates noise, it gives my guitar the warmest and sweetest tone, which is beneficial during the mix. I know that GECKO® puts its heart and soul into each and every product it designs...the GECKO® AYERS ROCK DI 100P is truly an amazing product." SEE VIDEO

Mike Johnson,  Recording Artist / Guitarist / Producer     PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

"This is to put to record that GECKO MUSIC GROUP has rendered us their professional services during our recent event, the 15th Anniversary Celebration of our company. GECKO®'s wireless microphone provided a very delightful emceeing for the night. Our Managing Director's speech was also made very clear and precise. The sound system overall, was just great. The personnel and engineers from GECKO MUSIC GROUP are also very professional and attentive to our audio and visual requirement. Indeed, it has been a great pleasure working with GECKO MUSIC GROUP. We have no reservation to put forward any recommendation for the services of GECKO MUSIC GROUP."

Thing Chook Loong, Managing Director - APEX Office Furniture Sdn. Bhd.     KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA

"The Malacca Expatriate School engaged the services of GECKO MUSIC GROUP in 2010 when we staged the school musical, "Nightingale", a Kane & Kane production at the Holiday Inn, Malacca to a crowd of approximately 350 people. We are writing to say how pleased we were with the excellent service provided to us. The team from GECKO MUSIC GROUP was always puntual and very courteous. They performed their duties very responsibly and could always be relied upon. The GECKO® PASSION MP 741H/RP 211U wireless headband microphone systems are of high quality. 35 of our students were performing using the GECKO® PASSION MP 741H/RP 211U wireless headband microphones simultaneously - with some speaking parts, singing parts, and solo singing. The sound quality of the GECKO® professional audio system for the event were of top-notch quality. The level of professionalism that your company provided can hardly be rivaled. The Malacca Expatriate School thanks you for your dedicated and excellent service."

Susheila Samuel, Principal - Malacca Expatriate School     MALACCA, MALAYSIA