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Real life testimonies submitted by real life GECKO® product users, friends, and associates. If you would like to share your GECKO® related story with the world, kindly contact us.

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"The GECKO® AYERS ROCK C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile direct injection boxes are truly a class of its own. In my years working as a sound man, I've never seen any direct injection boxe quite like the GECKO® AYERS ROCK direct injection boxes. The GECKO® AYERS ROCK direct injection boxes deliver sound that is so natural and uncolored, and best of all, they are maintenance free! Give GECKO® AYERS ROCK direct injection box a try today, I'm sure you'll love it too!"

Morgan Woan, Live Sound Engineer     SARAWAK, MALAYSIA

"The recent Live Sound Reinforcement 101 was really an excellent basic theory plus practical session. Daniel was able to deliver his subject in such an interesting and simplified manner, which made it easy to grasp and retain. Not a single moment feeling bored. He has also captured our full attention with endless mind probing questions and friendly interaction. The handout is handy and informative.

Our live test at Pulau Li Hua was astonishing. Such a mini configuration was able to deliver most impressive clear and clean audio results which was beyond our expectations! It was indeed an unforgettable Sunday. I would like to test my own existing equipments with GECKO® speakers and interlink cables at a convenient time. Meanwhile, we may assist my church to improve or upgrade its audio system.

I wish to thank your goodself for organsing such an event and also thank Mr. Daniel Foo for his humble, unselfish and sincere presentation. I feel blessed. Do keep me informed of future events. Congratulations GECKO® Borneo! Best regards."

Ngu Tak Ping, Audiophile / Church Sound Engineer     SARAWAK, MALAYSIA

"Mr. Daniel Foo 是一位难得具有音控背景与素养的老师,在这一次的课堂中细腻的谈到音响及音控的专业知识,每一细节都需针对组织的特殊与独特的使用目的,给予专业的建议与提醒。我上完这个课程才知道原来教会的音响也可以如次这般的追求更完美,无论是讲员、诗班、敬拜团的影音器材,要怎么摆、怎么安置。更能让神的话能正确而清晰的被传递,让敬拜赞美的歌声和乐声感动会堂中所有人,最重要是让坐在宝座上的神心意得满足。

Good Day!"

Huang Xiao Ling, Church Sound Engineer     SARAWAK, MALAYSIA

"I was very privileged and very thankful to Bro. Daniel Foo and GECKO® for letting me test and review the GECKO® REVELATION C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile line array speakers system. Its clarity, transient, imaging, power are second to none. We did a shootout together with other major brands, you name it and most likely we have tried it. With all honesty, no one came close. There's only one drawback on the GECKO® REVELATION, it will reveal the good and bad of the artist! The GECKO® power amplifiers, microphone cables, and speaker cables are a must-have for those who are really serious in audio." SEE VIDEO 1    SEE VIDEO 2    SEE VIDEO 3

“Whew! The “piano” never sounded like that before! A pair of Lucas CS-1 and Earthworks SR25 XY connected via GECKO® TRUTH series audiophile cables, into Sebatron Axis and Earthworks 2012 pres. Just by changing over to GECKO® TRUTH series audiophile cables has made such vast improvement to the piano sound. Now that's what I called a Bösendorfer!!!!!!!!! Quite rewarding after a long day in studio...feeling Blessed!!!” SEE VIDEO 1    SEE VIDEO 2

Rey Lelis Ruiz Fojas, Live & Studio Sound Engineer     SINGAPORE

"我是经营影视制作这块已有好几年了,包括演唱会,讲座会,商业产品推介的现场录摄,微电影,Music Video等。


有一次我和GECKO®的创办人-Daniel Foo 坐在一起用饭时,我向他说起这个问题,他很肯定的叫我用GECKO®的DI,它会帮助解决这些问题。 我想既然他对他们的产品那么有信心,我毫不犹豫的就买了一个回来用。

在我第一次用这个DI 连接去我的录影机时,实在让我惊讶,我说:“怎么声音那么清晰,那么干净。”我一直以来对吵杂音的烦恼都被这 GECKO® DI解决了。 而且,GECKO® DI对我来说非常的方便,不用担心在拍摄时DI忽然没电,因为GECKO® DI是不必放进电池和插上电源的。

自从有了GECKO® DI,在我每一场的现场录摄,我信心都满满了。GECKO® DI 实在太棒了!"

Richard Siaw, Professional Videographer / Film Maker     KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA