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Real life testimonies submitted by real life GECKO® product users, friends, and associates. If you would like to share your GECKO® related story with the world, kindly contact us.

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"Praise be to God! All glory be unto His Holy Name!

Liang Sin, I'm very grateful to you and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Foo for your contributions of love.

The sound quality of GECKO® audio system has indeed touched our hearts. For the very first time, we have actually experienced a shockingly high standard of sound quality - very enjoyable, amazing clarity at far and near distant, and without interference.

Our past experiences with other sound systems - we had many issues with distance: front rows suffered extremely loud sound, while the sound at farthest rows was extremely soft, also often coupled with interferences.

GECKO® audio system has been a beautiful blessing to Breakthrough Missions 34th Anniversary Thanksgiving 2017. Hallelujah!  Amen!

With much heartfelt gratitude and appreciation."

Pastor Simon Neo 梁西門, Breakthrough Missions 突破宣道之家     SINGAPORE

Emil Chau Wakin 周華健, Singer-Songwriter / Actor / Recording Artist     HONG KONG / TAIWAN


Mike N. Pedero, Acoustic-Sound Engineer / Musician / President and Principal Designer - TRACKacoustics, Corp.     MANILA, PHILIPPINES


Justin Burkholder, Audio Engineer / Music Producer     TORONTO, CANADA


Luisito Lim, Senior Sound Tech, St. Stephen's Parish Church     MANILA, PHILIPPINES