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Media - 2017

Browse news pertaining to GECKO MUSIC GROUP and its GECKO® products here. Please note there are many installation projects not featured here due to clients' privacy request.

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1 December, 2017: READ MORE


27 August, 2017: Breakthrough Café is a social enterprise cafe located in the corner of Chinatown Centre and some distance in front of the Subordinate Courts, serving delicious dim sum and local delights.

Run by a Christian mission organisation (Breakthrough Missions), Breakthrough Café provides a haven for reformed ex-convicts to provide their skills and talent in the F&B industry.

Having auditioned the GECKO® system... READ MORE


19 September, 2017: The 30-Hour Famine by World Vision is a global youth movement where participants fast for 30 hours to raise funds for those struggling against hunger and poverty every day. 30-Hour Famine participants will learn about the global issue affecting the poor, play interactive and educational games and find out how they are making an impact.

Held at the International College of Advanced Technology (iCATS) Sarawak Campus in Kuching, Sarawak on the 1st and 2nd of September, this year's 30-Hour Famine Sarawak DIY Camp event sound was entirely powered by GECKO® Borneo... READ MORE


2 October, 2017: READ MORE