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Media - 2010

Browse news pertaining to GECKO MUSIC GROUP and its GECKO® products here. Please note there are many installation projects not featured here due to clients' privacy request.

24 November, 2010: The RH Hotel in Sibu, Sarawak replaced its 4-year old "8 tops and 2 subs" line array F.O.H. systems and filler speakers for its 2,000 seating capacity Jasmine Grand Ballroom... READ MORE


23 November, 2010: Founded by Tan Sri Datuk Sir Tiong Hiew King 張曉卿 in 1998, Subur Tiasa Holdings (STH) Berhad is Malaysia’s leading manufacturer and exporter of integrated forest products that have received global awards therein realising the vision.

In 2010 STH installs GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile System in their auditorium. READ MORE


23 May, 2010: The Church of St. Theresa Malacca has progressed a 180 degrees turn under the mentorship and leadership of Rev. Fr. Joseph Heng. The old heritage building was carefully renovated without alterning its facade... READ MORE