Audiophile Gears of Professionals



Soga Joy Presbyterian Church 蘇雅喜樂教會 Installs GECKO® Systems

14 July, 2016: Soga Joy Presbyterian Church 蘇雅喜樂教會 has recently installed GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile sound system, to meet their needs for clarity and even coverage at their new sanctuary.

The GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile professional equipments installed are:

1. EXODUS ATOM MXR 808A 8-channel active C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile mixing console;

2. REVELATION SR 606R 6.5" C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile long-throw speaker x 2;

3. PASSION MP 830S C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile supercardioid dynamic microphone x 4;

4. AYERS ROCK DI 200P dual channel passive C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile direct injection box;

5. PASSION MP 621W/RP 211U wireless microphones;

6. TRUTH T3AL audiophile signal cables;

7. OLYMPIAN series audiophile connectors;

8. Aura series accessories.