About GECKO®

GECKO MUSIC GROUP is a premier audio technology company that revolutionizes the field of professional audio, consumer audio, acoustics and music. GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile sound technologies are found in houses-of-worship, homes, and throughout the audio entertainment production spectrum; from the stage and recording studio, where world-renowned sound engineers, musicians and artists insist upon using GECKO® professional audio products, to consumer electronics manufacturers that are implementing GECKO® C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® Audiophile technologies into their products so that they produce a more satisfying audio experience to their customers.

GECKO® designs its products at its headquarters in Singapore on top of hosting research and development, engineering, sales & marketing, support and administration.

GECKO® - delivering honest sound since 2002!

Our Philosophies at GECKO®

Continuos Pursuit for Perfection

At GECKO MUSIC GROUP every circuit board, every paper cone, and every driver is crafted to meet our extremely demanding standard.

We continuously analyze production methods and material selection from our suppliers and exercise the exhaustive quality control to ensure unit-to-unit consistency and reliability of GECKO® products.

Innovation Through Relentless Research

GECKO MUSIC GROUP's Founder & CEO Daniel Foo believes there are more untapped laws of physics out there for us to discover, those that can contribute to humanity. He sees for past decades audio technologies have been stagnant, and what transpired thus far in the industry are merely masking and selling "features" and not actually solving sound issues at their roots.

Through relentless research, hard works, and the courage to challenge conventional wisdom, he innovated the C.R.I.S.T.A.L.® technologies.

Hearing is Believing

We do not pay marketing agencies, renowned sound engineers, artists, or musicians to use GECKO® products and to speak well of them. Neither do we churn out nice specifications on paper or simulations on software to impress potential clients.

We believe that the best way to get to know GECKO® better is by listening to our loudspeakers because ACTUAL RESULT MATTERS!